Saturday, 9 March 2013

Home Owner Builders & Renovators CLAIM your Ontario HST Rebate.

A client of mine who is building a new home called and asked me whether  she can claim  the HST/GST she is paying to the general contractor and the architect.  I said of course you can claim part, if you are substantially renovating your home or building a new B-092 home for your own use and have paid HST/GST on your building material services and land. You should occupy the the house as your principal residence or you should have the intention to do so.  However, you cannot claim the GST new housing rebate if the cost of the renovations exceed $450,000 or if your claim is filed later than two years from the date renovations are complete. Your rebate cannot exceed $6,300 (that is when the renovation or building cost is exactly $350,00) You should file a form  GST191 to claim this rebate.

In addition to the GST new housing rebate you can also claim the Ontario new housing rebate on the provincial portion of the HST.  Other provinces may have their own new housing rebate.  The Ontario credit amounts to a maximum of $16,080; if you did not pay HST on the purchase of the land.  If you did pay HST on the purchase of land - a rare occurrence -  your Ontario credit would increase to a maximum of $24,000. GST191.

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