Friday, 15 February 2013

End of February 2013 an Important Filing Deadline

The end of February is fast approaching and CRA requires information slips to be filed before the end of this month otherwise significant penalties can be levied.  The following information slips are the more common ones that have to be filed.

T4 -If you are an employer you should file T4 supplementary for each employee and a T4 summary for the business.

See CRA's T4 filing guide

T4A- If you have commission agents working for you such as real estate agents or mortgage agent you must file T4A supplementary for each agent earning more the $500 in 201 and a T4A summary for the business.

See CRA's T4A filing gudie

T5-If you run a business or a corporation and pay interest  or dividend you must file a T5 supplementary for each recipient of interest or dividend earning more the $50 in 2013 and a T5 summary for the business.

See CRA's T5 filing guide

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